New Affiliate Tool For RTG Membership Sites Promotions!

Hey guys! I’ve added a new affiliate tool for you today for those of you wanting to promote the RTG (Ready To Go) Membership Sites offer.

The affiliate tools page already had emails and content pieces you can use, but now I’ve added a video that features one of the best bonuses that your customers get.

I had an affiliate who got really excited about bonus #3 and asked me to do a video featuring it, so I did. 🙂

Now you can publish this video using the copy and paste code or download it and use it how you want. You can see it at the affiliate tools page for the RTG Membership Sites Offer by clicking here. It’s listed under Videos near the bottom of the page!

Remember this IS an evergreen offer. The timer on the sales page starts when your visitor hits it and they have 3 days to take me up on the $900 discount. This is a great offer that is making affiliates great commissions so make sure you get a promo or 2 or 3 out. 🙂

If you need any help using this affiliate tool please let me know!


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