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Liz Tomey here and thank you for helping me out with my latest LIVE workshop promotion.

The Facebook Traffic Takeover Workshop is a live workshop where I'm showing people my personal strategies for getting traffic through Facebook, PLUS personal coaching with me on using Facebook in their business. Your people have the chance to get a spot in this online workshop and learn from me personally on how I use Facebook to market my business and get traffic.

You can see exactly what I'll be teaching them on the sales page by clicking here.

You'll see they not only get to attend the workshop, but they also get access to me, the Facebook mastermind group I created for these training, and ALL updates as I continually update these workshops.

You'll be paid 50% commissions on the $97 attendee option unless you use the $50 off coupon code, but more on the coupon code below.

There is no sales funnel. It's simply this workshop with no upsells or anything like that. In the future that will be changing, and I'll notify you when it does.

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the site called Pinterest, right?

Well if not, it’s basically a “visual search engine”. People search for things there and the search results are all returned as images. They call them “pins”.

I’ve spent hours at a time there before. There’s just so much great stuff.

And I’m not the only one. 🙂 There’s over 250 million current users there!

That’s a lot of people and those who get there content there can tap into that traffic and get a load of it to there own sites.

But it can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s why when I found the Pinterest Traffic Takeover Workshop I got REALLY excited!


When you get your seat in this workshop you’ll be lead through 5 days of everything you need to know and do to get setup on Pinterest and how to start using it to get traffic to anything you want.

Yes… Anything! (Probably not the “naughty” stuff or other “bad stuff”. Pinterest does have it’s own standards like all other search engines.)

And the best part about it is it’s lead by Internet marketing expert Liz Tomey who will be there every step of the way with you to help you!

This is like having your own Pinterest traffic coach.

As you’re going through the workshop you can ask Liz questions directly, have her review your work, or anything else you need.

PLUS there’s a very active Facebook group full of other people going through the workshop that you can network with, bounce ideas off of, and so much more.

I’ve never seen this level of coaching and hold your hand help in an offer at such a low price!

If you’ve been wanting to get more traffic to any of your websites, offers, links, ect then this would be a great strategy to learn while getting any help you need.

Grab your seat at AFFILIATE LINK

Talk soon!


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