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Hey there JV's and Affiliates! Liz Tomey here with an amazing new "done for you" money making system for your readers/fans/customers!

This done for you system is a master resale rights product membership in a box where your customer gets everything they need to setup their own membership giving their customers 5 brand new never before seen resale rights products each and every month! We do ALL the work for them, including setting everything up, hosting their membership site, adding content each month, we will even do their support for them, AND I'm even including a bunch of training and personal coaching to help them be successful!

This page contains everything you need to promote this special offer over a 3 day period of time that YOU choose. You'll find a complete ready to go email campaign at the bottom of this page.

If you have any comments, questions, want to add a bonus or anything like that I'm just an email away... I look forward to your support on this launch and helping you in the future with anything you may have!

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The Funnel And How You Make Money!

This is a VERY simple offer. It's ONE thing. No upsells, downsells, or anything like that. I am simply offering a totally done for you 12 month membership to your customers for $197 and you make 50% instant commissions when they buy.

Yes... I am keeping it super simple!

AND... There are other "ready to go systems" and "done for you offers" that we will also market to your customer and you'll be paid 50% on all of those thanks to the way JV Zoo does their tracking.

When you promote this offer you'll be paid on MANY more!

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To ensure the sales page worked AND that it converted I did a very small internal launch. Everything went great, I got AMAZING feedback from customers, and best of all it converted VERY well!

We had 9.36% conversion rates and a $6.35 per visitor value!

Here's the proof...


It's simple... Send traffic to this offer and let it make you money!

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Step #1: This is a 3 day special where you will be sending out an email each day for 3 days to your list to tell them about this offer and the special discount price they will get for buying during the 3 days.

After the 3 days the offer will go back to normal price (normal price is $497) and all future sales you'll be paid 50% instant commissions on the normal price.

I will have to setup a custom page for you so please email me at and let me know what dates you'd like to do your 3 day promo and I will set everything up for you and let you know how to get your affiliate link.

Step #2: Once I have you all setup you'll be able to use the promotional tools below to promote the offer. If you would like something different please contact me and I'll do whatever it takes to get you what you need to promote. I'm also open to doing interviews/webinars/FB Lives/etc to help you promote this. I have a great topic with a close to sell this to your people too.

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Emails: Use these emails to send to your list. There is an email for each day of the 3 day promo where your customers can get a $300 discount!

Subject: Ready To Go Membership Site – 3 Days Only!
Subject: Instant Monthly Moolah Inside! – 3 Days Only!


What if I told you that I know someone who will just hand you a ready to go money-making membership site?

One that could create a monthly-income for you and everything was totally done for you?

You’d jump all over that right?

Well for the next 3 days I’m making your dreams come true!

Check this out >>> AFFILIATE LINK

We’ve all heard that creating a monthly-income is the way to go if you’re looking to be able to pay your bills each month with an online business.

The best way to do that is with a membership site!

But… It’s REALLY hard to create one…

Until now!


Liz Tomey has put together one of the best “memberships in a box” I have seen which will allow you to have your very own membership site with VERY little work on your part!

Not only that, but she’s also throwing in some incredible bonuses to ensure that you’re successful with it…

So if you want to skip all the hard work of finding a niche to create a membership site in, creating content for it, creating a members area and member’s pages, creating a marketing system for it, and all that other work then you need to grab this ready to go membership right now!




P.S. I forgot to mention that the incredibly low price of this product will only be available for the next 3 days! Then the price will go back to normal (You’re saving $300 right now) so make sure you grab it now!


Subject: My Favorite Monthly-Income Tactic
Subject: I just found the holy grail! Kind of…
Subject: Every Guru Is Doing It And They’re Right!


Do you know what the ONE thing that I see successful marketers doing?

FOCUSING on ONE thing that creates a monthly-income for themselves!

Usually this is by having a membership site…

I mean if you don’t have a monthly income how are you going to pay those monthly bills you have?

There are tons of strategies out there to create an income, but you have to work them again and again. With a membership site you have something that brings in the money-month after month!


The bad part is it’s really hard to create your own membership site…

You’ve got to find a profitable niche, on a profitable topic, and then the techy side of things, and then the content creation side of things, and on and on and on.

It IS totally worth it, but what if I could give you a shortcut that would take all of this work out of the equation?

That would be like the holy grail right?

Well… Here’s your holy grail. 🙂


It’s a done for you membership site where everything is completely setup and done for you! It includes 12 months of content, a done for you member’s area, a done for you marketing system, and so much more. I’ve never seen anything like this offer and especially at this price.

It takes all the hard work out of having your own membership site…

Not only that but the creator behind it (Liz Tomey) has run multiple memberships in multiple niches and knows exactly what it takes to create a money-making membership site and she’s done all the hard work for you!

And… Wait until you see the bonuses! They’re worth 100X what you’ll pay for this entire done for you membership site!


But… Of course there’s a but! This price is ONLY for the next 2 days (you save $300!) so if you want a totally done for you membership site that you can create a monthly income then check this out >>>



Subject: My Mind Is Blown – Last Chance!
Subject: This is just stupid – Last Chance!


And today my mind is totally blown!

Because of this >>> AFFILIATE LINK

It’s a completely DONE FOR YOU membership site that includes 12 months of content, a done for you member’s area, a done for you marketing system, and so much more.

I’ve never seen anything like this offer and especially at this price.

All the hard work of creating a monthly income is completely done for you and the price is just stupid low, but today is the last day that you can save $300 off of the regular price so…

Grab it while you can >>> AFFILIATE LINK


Subject: [Bonus Time] Four Insane Coaching Programs!


If you haven’t seen this brand new done for you membership site package take 5 minutes and check it out >>> AFFILIATE LINK


1. It’s AWESOME! You get a completely and totally done for you membership site. You get the marketing system, 12 months of content, ready to go member emails, ready to go member’s area, and so much more all completely setup for you!

2. I’m giving you an INSANE bonus package! >>> BONUS PACKAGE LINK

3. For the next few days you can save $300 off the regular price and get this whole thing at a real bargain!

I’ve put this “Customer Appreciation Mega Bonus Package” together to help you even MORE with what you’re getting…

You’ll get…

1. Ready To Go Funnel Profits Workshop Coaching Program

2. Ready To Go Affiliate Profits Workshop Coaching Program

3. Ready To Go Digital Product Setup Master Class Workshop Coaching Program

4. Ready To Go Email Marketing Profits Workshop Coaching Program

You can read about each of these coaching programs at BONUS PACKAGE LINK

If you want to get a totally ready to go membership that you can use to start creating your own monthly-income and entrance into 4 different live coaching programs that will show you all kinds of ways to make-money then stop what you’re doing and jump on this!


Oh one thing… This is only available for the next few days so you’ve got to act quick!


Talk soon!

Content Pieces: Use these articles to submit to article directories, as blog posts, or anywhere else you can place content (legally and ethically) in front of people!

The Scary Truth About Membership Sites – You’ve Been Warned!

Imagine this…

You’ve got your very own membership site and each month it brings in enough money that you can pay all your bills and still have some left over to enjoy life with.

I mean it’s the ultimate dream right?

Each month the money comes in you are able to pay your bills and enjoy life right?

Well that’s the end result, but the truth is setting up a membership site can take a lot of time, money, and energy.

It can literally suck time, money, and energy right out of you, BUT… BUT it IS worth it!

So today I want to give you a quick step-by-step plan that will set you on the right path to having your own membership site. Let’s look at these steps…

Step 1: Find a niche that is willing to pay you each month!

A lot of people get this wrong and then wonder why they don’t have people banging the doors down to get into their membership site. I recommend that you search affiliate networks and find membership sites that are SELLING and create your membership in one of those niches.

Step 2: Pick the best software to run your membership site.

You have hundreds of options out there and you need to do your research and pick the best solution for you. It can be as simple as using an autoresponder and delivering the links to your content via email or as complicated as having a custom built solution. I recommend you do your research, ask around in forums, and find the best solution for YOU!

Step 3: Decide what content you’ll offer and how often you’ll deliver it.

This is another hard part and is what I recommend you do is first sit down and plan everything you’ll deliver over a 6 month period of time. Once you have that planned out you can decide how often you’ll deliver your content. Monthly… Bi-weekly… Weekly… Depending on how many ideas you come up with will depend on how often you deliver.

Now once you have a plan then create at least the first two pieces of content you’ll deliver so that put’s you with the first thing you’ll deliver and the second thing. Once your site is launched you can then go back to your plan and start creating the rest of your content as you need it, but by having the first two things ready to go it takes the pressure off of you.

Step 4: Setup your membership and marketing system

Depending on what you picked in step 3 will depend on how you do this, but you need to get everything setup and the first thing you’ll deliver put inside your member’s area.

The next thing you’ll need to do is create your marketing system which will consist of a sales letter that entices people into joining your membership site.

Step 5: Launch your membership site.

I do recommend that you create a launch plan and actually do a launch for your membership. Now I could talk for days about this, but it’s kind of out of the scope of this tutorial, but when you get to this step you need to read and go through everything you possibly can about launching a new website and create a plan to do so.

Step 6: Continue marketing your membership site.

Yeah this is a a great big “duh”, but so many people stop at this point. They’ve got a membership site, they launched it, made some money and they stop. This is like being an inch away from the finish line of a marathon and giving up! You’ve got to do something each and every day to continue marketing your membership site.

Creating and distributing content that leads people to the sales page for your membership site, using paid advertising methods (Facebook, banner advertising, PPC, etc) are all things you need to be educating yourself about and using to market your membership site.

These 6 steps are the big steps to creating your own membership site and there’s lots of little steps for each thing. I wont sugar coat it for you… It takes lots of hard work, BUT it’s so worth it in the end!

If you’d like to reduce your workload by about 90% and want a completely done for you membership site in the ever profitable resale rights niche then I highly recommend you check this out >>> YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

It’s a totally done for you membership site that includes 12 months of content, a done for you member’s area, a done for you marketing system and so much more. It’s a complete done for you membership site that you can start using right away to create your own monthly income!

If you’d like to have a totally ready to go membership site you can instantly start using to build a monthly income this is the way to go! YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

For the next 3 days you can save 90% off the regular price, so make sure you grab this now! YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

Okay… I hope this tutorial has shed some light on membership sites for you and I hope you’ll take this and use it to create your very own membership site!

Shortcut Systems You Can Use To Build Your Business

One of the greatest things about the Internet is that you can easily build an online business that creates an income that pays your bills and gives you some extra money for the things you want to do in life.

Well for those who are committed to actually working hard for it that is. 🙂

Yes the Internet makes it easier, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard. When you can finally accept the fact that you’re going to have to work hard and you’re committed to doing so then you have a BIG chance of actually creating the income of your dreams.

In this short tutorial I want to give you some shortcuts that will help you find success faster…

Squeeze Page Shortcut – Having a squeeze page that allows you to build a list is vital to your success and is the first place you should start in building your Internet business. Now you can go out there, find a niche, learn to build a squeeze, learn to create emails OR you can use one of the many ready to go squeeze pages that someone else has already created!

Yes! You can find squeeze pages that you can add your name and autoresponder code to and have something ready to go to start building your list. Many of these will also come with follow up emails you can use too.

To find these you can search your favorite search engine for them or any affiliate marketplace like and/or

Using this shortcut will have you up and running with the first thing your business should consist of… A lead gathering machine!

Affiliate Marketing Shortcut – Once you have a squeeze page setup the quickest and easiest way to start making money is by promoting products as an affiliate. This is where you find products related to your niche (the topic of your squeeze page) that others have created and you promote them to your list for a commission.

There’s two shortcuts you can use here:

1. Affiliate Tools Page – Most product creators will give you ready to go tools to use to promote their products. Things like banners, emails, blog posts, reports, etc. You can grab these tools add your affiliate links and start sending them to your list. When you find a product you want to promote contact the owner and ask if they have an affiliate tools page.

2. Affiliate Promo Packages – Affiliate promotion packages are things like banners, emails, blog posts, reports, etc that someone else has created and they sell you the rights to them for you to use. It’s similar to the affiliate tools page except it’s someone who doesn’t own the product and creates a “tools package” that the sell to others to use.

Again to find these you can search your favorite search engine for them or any affiliate marketplace like and/or

By using this shortcut you can save a ton of time by NOT having to create promotional material for products you want to promote, AND it gives you a great way to make money from the list you build!

Digital Product Shortcut – The next step in your business is creating and selling your own products. You find a niche, find what they want, and create a product that gives it to them.

Of course there’s a shortcut for this also! You can find products related to your niche that you can get the right to sell or even get the right to call your own. Again to find these you can search your favorite search engine for them or any affiliate marketplace like and/or

Membership Site Shortcut – Okay so once you have a squeeze page setup, and you’re doing some affiliate marketing, and you’ve got a few products setup that you’re selling to your list too it’s time to turn on the monthly income and the best way to do this is to create your own membership site!

Now A LOT of work goes into creating your own membership site, but this tutorial is all about shortcuts, right? You bet!

Just like squeeze pages, affiliate promotional tools, and digital products you can find complete membership sites that you can setup and use to start creating a monthly income!

Now just like the other stuff to find these you can search your favorite search engine for them or any affiliate marketplace like and/or, but for those of you in the Internet marketing/ make money online niche here’s a GREAT resource >>> AFFILIATE LINK

It’s a completely done for you membership site that includes 12 months of content, a done for you member’s area, a done for you marketing system and so much more. It’s a complete membership site that’s totally setup for you and ready to make you money each and every month!

For the next 3 days you can save $300 off the regular price, so make sure you grab this now! YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

If you’d like to have a totally ready to go membership site you can instantly start using to build a monthly income this is the way to go! YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

But… With just what I’ve taught you here you could build an entire business around using things that other people have already created. Maybe it’s not your dream business, but it’s a great way to get started and get money coming in!

Bonus Package: You can use this bonus package to entice your customers into buying through your link.

The bonus package gives your customers access to 4 different live coaching programs I will be doing, so these are AWESOME bonuses. Not just "stuff" I've picked up here and there. You're people will love these! If you want to use this the bonus package can be downloaded from

Just add your affiliate links to it, upload, and you can send your people to the page to read what they get and then they can click and get to the sales page and buy through you. I do all the bonus delivery for you.



* Reciprocal mailings will only be given on quality products! We value our customers, so please understand if we don't feel your product makes our quality standards we will not promote it. But that doesn't mean we will never promote for you. If your next product meets our standards will promote it. I don't think this is going to be an issue (never has been) because we work with a bunch of awesome people.

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