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The Twitter Traffic Takeover Workshop is a live workshop I did, and now I'm selling the recordings PLUS personal coaching with me on using Twitter in your business. Your people have the chance to get a spot in this online workshop and learn from me personally on how I use Twitter to market my business and get traffic.

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You'll be paid 50% commissions on the $97 attendee option and on the $197 PLR option.

There is one upsell for this offer... After purchase your customer is presented with an offer to get ALL workshops from for one price. You will be paid 50% commissions on the $197 attendee option or 50% commissions on the $497 PLR plus attendee option.

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If you’d like to learn how to use the power of Twitter to get traffic to ANYTHING you want to promote, you need to make sure you stop what you’re doing and get your “seat” in The Twitter Traffic Takeover Workshop at AFFYLINK

With the recent changes at Twitter everyone and their brother are going to be flocking over there, so there’s going to be even MORE traffic coming from Twitter than ever before!

I know I’ve been spending WAY more time on Twitter lately! Even more so than Facebook, so NOW is the time to learn how Twitter works, and how YOU can use it to get a ton of traffic to literally anything you want!

In The Twitter Traffic Takeover Workshop, you’ll be shown a system for what and when to post to Twitter, how to build a following on Twitter, and how to use Twitter to get all the traffic you want!

This will be a 5 day workshop where you’ll learn ALL the ins and outs of Twitter and a PROVEN traffic system to get you all the traffic you want. And not only that, but you’ll have your own coach to ask questions and get any help you need!

This is something just about anyone can do, from ANYWHERE, and bring in super targeted traffic, so take 5 minutes right now and see if you can get a “seat” (spots are limited) in The Twitter Traffic Takeover Workshop!


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